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A semi-automatic transmission or dual-clutch transmission is a transmission which uses two internal clutches to run the vehicle in either automatic or manual mode. Note: changing or disabling these values can potentially reduce transmission life and/or damage the transmission. HP Tuners GM Gen 4 Training Part 34: Automatic Trans Shift Scheduling 40m Follow along with lead instructor, Jeff Evans, as he walks you through tuning the automatic transmission shift scheduling (rpm) in the GM Gen 4 ECMs for 6L80/6L90e transmissions. The shift speeds control both upshifts and downshifts. Changes in line pressures and shift points can help protect automatic transmissions from the extra strain created by increased torque unlocked with performance programmers.

Just as with a manual transmission, an automatic has mechanical components that are susceptible to damage when overstressed. . Why your 4 speed Automatic transmission will not shift at wide open throttle (WOT). Tables are provided for Normal, Performance, Cruise and when the transmission is Hot. Discussion Starter. Learn how to tune GM&39;s 4L60E / 4L65E transmission using HP Tuners to get the drivability and gear shifting that you want and that suits your driving style.

rex or saber-toothed cat, but it&39;s definitely an endangered species. Gear: During a manual downshift using the gear selector, this alternate table is used to modify the line pressure. Fuel economy is just about even in the manual - automatic transmission debate; both are EPA rated at 29 mpg highway while the manual edges out the automatic 17 mpg to 16 mpg for city driving. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 13 of 13 Posts. (Computer Aided Gear Selection aka Skip Shift) The parameters control the Computer Aided Gear Selection (CAGS or “Skip Shift”) feature of the VCM. WA580 Auto shift and WOT.

Transmission shift Firmness HP Tuners Results 1 to 12 of 12 This is a discussion on Transmission shift Firmness HP Tuners within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Alright guys iv been messing with HP Tuners trying to make my Transmission shift softer under normal driving but no. VCM Editor: Trans > Auto Shift Speed > Part Throttle Shift > Normal My main goal in modifying this table was to ensure that the accuracy and responsiveness of my shift points were set to deliver maximum power/driveablitly across all ranges of speed (Whether that be a WOT pass, Traffic Cruising, or Highway Driving). If the car is an automatic we will now start tuning shift hp tuners automatic trans manual shift pressure, shift points, and TCC. My friend is new to the automatic tuning but this seems like a no-brainer(he has manual trans car).

It’s worth noting that automatic transmissions have technically been “shiftable” for decades. Once something is drive-by-wire, the difference between manuals and automatics is eroded: (1) software prevents stupid gearchanges in manual modes, eg changing to first at Autobahn speeds, so real manual operation has been removed (2) paddle shifts or +/- controls can be added, so automatic operation has or can been extended. Part Throttle Shift These tables define the shift speed under non-WOT conditions. Do remove TM from the engine. The stick shift hasn&39;t yet gone the way of the T. The GM transmission tuning course is a combination of knowledge for tuning GM 4, 6 and 8 speed automatic transmissions.

Urbamworm · 9 Second Club. do not go to 0 on shift times with the early models of the 60e as i would see clutch bind. The automatic transmission can not only shift much faster, but off line acceleration can be controlled to a much greater degree. .

Since the clutches are internal, you don&39;t need to press the clutch while shifting. Programmers that control transmission parameters can make changes to increase transmission longevity despite increased power and torque. Once the trans shifts gears, it will go back to full lock. Downshift Pressure Trans Downshift Pressure 2->1 vs. ” If you leave the lever in “D,” the transmission can choose from all four gears.

Follow along with lead instructor, Jeff Evans, as he walks you through tuning the automatic transmission shift scheduling (rpm) in the GM Gen 4 ECMs for 6L80. 5: WOT tuning The first thing to do is make a quick WOT pass in a low gear (a low load) and check both O2&39;s and knock retard. All to no avail as it seems to shift around 6400rpm. As the horsepower applied to it is increased, it is often necessary to increase the strength of an automatic transmission’s shafts, clutch drums, planetary gear sets, sprags, and other internal parts. The 4L60E automatic transmission is the workhorse of the 3rd generation GM cars along with the 4L80E.

Turn ignition ON with a valid key. 8L Duramax in it&39;s factory trim is rated at 180 HP by GM and carries a full compliment of emissions equipment to keep it clean and quiet. Trans WOT Shift RPM 1->2: This is the RPM that the transmission shift will begin. To snag a manual transmission in the Toyota Tacoma, you&39;ll have to. This programs the car to run on the M6 tune which is needed once the transmission is swapped to an M6.

If this table is not in use, the Engine Braking downshift will be taken from the base shift pressure table(s). VSS: This is the automatic transmission shift pressure used during shifts in relation to Torque and vehicle speed. Today we look at the different settings and what they. This is why most drag cars have automatic transmissions.

CONTINUE TO PAGE 2. HP tuners HP Tuners is used to write the M6 file onto the ECM. GM > Transmission > Torque Management. If it does not you will need to do an ECM relearn.

On my first go around it was slam bang neck snapping shifting - and that wasnt good). Here&39;s how to get it all done using HP Tuners VCM Suite software: Once you&39;ve downloaded and saved your transmission calibration, open up the Transmission section by selecting Transin the main menu bar, then Auto Shift Speedin the sub-menu bar. 7-liter four-cylinder engine and instead opt for the more powerful 278-hp 3. Trans Manual Downshift Max VSS 4->3: Above this speed a manual downshift on the automatic transmission will not occur. Leave the ignition in the ON position for 10.

Your car should be able to start at hp tuners automatic trans manual shift this point. This is typically done in the Transmission Diagnostics, Cmd Gear Control Limits section of VCM Editor. Most dual-clutch vehicles have buttons for switching gears on. Trans Upshift Pressure 1->3 vs.

This short video will show you how to fix that issue using HP Tuners soft. xHP put&39;s the power to fully customize your automatic transmission at your hands. Trans Torque Management These values define the torque management parameters used by the PCM to reduce engine power (spark retard) to protect the transmission. Chrysler locks the torque converter clutch in gears 3-6. Trans WOT Shift RPM 2->3: This is the RPM that the transmission shift will begin. Under WOT changed it in Table A and B and hot.

All things equal, a car equipped with an auto trans will outrun one equipped with a regular street rod manual with great ease. so i would go to tps and from 0 to 25% i. It activates a solenoid in the transmission to force shifting to 4th gear under light throttle conditions. We&39;ll show you how we tuned a 4L65E to give us both a much more aggressive downshift schedule as well as a much cleaner and smoother short-shift schedule at light throttle that saved us a bunch of fuel during part-throttle cruise. Trans WOT Shift RPM 3->4: This is the RPM that. R&R sooner rather than later. Forum: Dodge Tuning - Transmission. Obtaining 5th gear may be difficult at 1800 RPM.

GM > Transmission > C. Recently my 4 speed automatic transmission gave out, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to change the transmission to a 6 speed manual (I prefer manuals. Allow transmission to shift into 5th gear at a higher RPM then lower the RPM to 1800 and perform manual shifts between 4th and 5th gears using the shift lever. GM > Transmission > Auto Shift Speed. Tried to turn shift Point down in 2nd to 3rd Shift to 5750rpm With no luck. mine was a built tranny and shifted really hard. Whenever the TCC (torque converter clutch) is in full lock, it goes to partial lock during a shift. You can tune shift times and individual shift pressures in conjunction with your line pressure (which I set to max and tuned 1-2,2-3,3-4 shifts from there.

We leave it just that way with our tunes. 9 VW Golf R. As of October, just 1. See more videos for Hp hp tuners automatic trans manual shift Tuners Automatic Trans Manual Shift.

what i was able to do with mine in hp tuners which i loved was set it to tps position. NAG1/A580 autostick like manual transmission? HP TUNERS HOW TO HOLD 1ST GEAR SHIFT ON A 4L80E WITH SHIFTER IN LOW In this HP TUNER video we show you how to modify your transmission tune to allow you to h. The course is divided up into separate processes for tuning each transmission, which includes Torque Management, Shift times, Shift firmness, shift points and feel. Normal: Normal Mode Shift Speeds; Normal 5th: Normal Mode Shift Speeds 5th gear. xHP Flashtool is the worldwide first and complete Tuning solution for your BMW with ZF6HP, ZF8HP Automatic or 7-Speed DCT Transmission. HP Tuners GM Gen III part 27 walks you through how to program automatic torque converter lock up and shift pressures to improve drivability, performance and. The tuner will read that state as going from 2 to 8.

2% of new cars sold for the year had manual. CAGS (M6) or 3-2 Solenoid (A4): Command CAGS on M6 vehicles or the 3-2 Shift Solenoid for A4 vehicles. ( band apply ) upon installing a shift kit all pressures were left to stock. xHP is the only tool that focuses fully on getting the best from your Auto-Transmission and is the worldwide leading solution for BMW vehicles. It&39;ll shift like dog shit.

You should see a screen similar to the one below. Started by eisaalali,. Full manual shift with D3 brake (allows 2nd or even 3rd gear launch) Stage 5 – Warranted 1500+ HP The Stage 5 4L80E build is the Stage 4 build but adds a 36 element sprag Super Drum for increased power capacity up to and overHP/TQ. Trans seems noisy when moving in 1st and Reverse, noise goes away instantly if you shift to N or the trans goes into 3rd gear: Reaction planetary is worn out due to high miles or insufficient lubrication.

I have contacted HP hp tuners automatic trans manual shift tuners support about this topic, but I thought I would ask the forum as well if anyone has had some experience with it. Not a critical failure, but not a good sign either. 2-3 Shift Solenoid: Command the 2-3 Shift Solenoid. There’s traditionally a sequence of numbers below “D” in the shift pattern — for example, a conventional 4-speed automatic looks like “D-3-2-1. The TCM will store the adaptive&39;s every 10 minutes. Brake Shift Pressure vs.

O2&39;s are NOT accurate or precise at this a/f ratio, but can still be used for a ballpark estimate.

Hp tuners automatic trans manual shift

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